FAQ about the Hotfix rhinestone applicator

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our Hot-fix rhinestone applicator, feel free to contact us if you have other questions.
Crystals not sticking or falling off easily?
This happens mostly because the product is not used in the right way. Please contact us on Facebook or email at help@worthofbest.com, we are happy to help you out 24x7.
How to wash the crystallized clothes?
Handwash fabrics recommended. Or on delicate by washer. Cold water. Spot clean stains with gentle chemicals or mild detergent before washing. Clothes inside out to avoid snagging. Best put in a garment bag & gently scrub. Wring out and blot excess water. Hang to dry. Use a steamer not iron to erase wrinkles. Clean & Dry storage. Do not dry clean. Do not soak or leave it unattended while washing. Never use dryer.
How to use the flat tip?
The flat tip is used for “ironing” small hotfix crystals ranging from 4SS to 10SS for fast application. It can also be used to “iron” crystals that are placed very closely to each other. Plus, It is suitable for any other hotfix materials such as irregular hotfix crystals, studs, patches, etc.
Still hard to use?
After reading the manual or watching the tutorial video, even tried for yourself, If you still find it hard to use, please contact us via Facebook Messenger or email at help@worthofbest.com, we are always ready to assist you, 24x7. 12 hours reply guaranteed.

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