Video on how to use the hotfix rhinestone applicator?


  • Sam

    Hi, the hotfix rhinestones have a thin glue layer at the bottom. When properly heated by the applicator, the glue will melt. When the glue cools, these hotfix rhinestones will stick to the fabric, wood, cardstock and leather surface. This is how HOTFIX works. No extra glue needed.

  • Laila

    This video was really helpful but all I don’t know is where do I apply the glue to? Because I thought you put the glue on first then put the diamonds/rhyme stones on but then when I saw the video everything was clear but I don’t know where to put the glue like do I put it on top of the applier or like where we put it so the rhinestones can stick on?

  • Sam

    Hi, this how-to video explains everything. Anything unclear please?

  • Dorrie England

    I need the full directions to this kit I bought my daughter for Christmas so she can use it

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