How to determine the best hotfix temperature and time?

When you use a hotfix applicator or heat press, the general practice is to set the temperature between 170 to 190 degrees and heat up for 10 to 15 seconds for the hotfix items to firmly apply.

You can lay a teflon paper on the fabric that you try to heat in order to protect it, especially for the sheer material as it can be easily overheated hence damaged.

Please note that the time, temperature even the pressing force are all affected by the material and the size of rhinestones as there is no fit-it-all standard to use the hotfix items. You definitely need to make slight adjustments before seriously getting started and remember to always try on a scrap to find the best temperature, time and force for any particular material with that special rhinestone size.

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  • Betty Wilson

    Got this as a gift I am excited to use.

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