Key Notes of B7000 Glue

Please read through following points before starting off, they can greatly increase your gluing experience and results.


1. This glue is to adhere rhinestones and pearls onto most hard & non-fabric items except for silicone, teeth and skin. For high-quality bling results on fabrics, we highly recommend using our hotfix rhinestone applicator kit. They are particularly designed to add HOTFIX rhinestones to fabrics with strong hold (washing machine safe) and without any glue mess or spillage.

2. Please be sure to apply enough glue for a strong hold, while not over-apply to avoid glue getting on the rhinestones as the glue can easily take the shine off rhinestones. Practise before starting.

3. Keep away from fire, children and pets. Parental guidance needed for young children.

4. Use this glue in a well-ventilated space.

5. This is a slow-drying glue. After applying, let glue sit for 48 hours for the best hold.

6. If the glue tube received is a bit flat on the belly, it is because the compressed air used to seal the bottom has slipped out during long transportation. A flat-belly tube is the normal form of the tube. The standard weight of one 15ml tube is 15 grams, including tube and cap.


1. Sand down the object if possible to increase friction so the glue can stick better.

2. Clear dust off your object with alcohol wipe. Avoid gluing with dust on the surface.

3. Completely dry your object before gluing.


1. Squeeze glue out for around 3 cm in length each time. Please do not squeeze a large area of ​​glue at one time as the glue may dry out before you fully cover it with rhinestones. The rhinestones are prone to fall off if applied on half-dried glue surface.

2. Do not squeeze too much glue in the same area at one time. Avoid glue spilling onto the rhinestones as the shine will be dulled. In case the glue gets on the rhinestones, discard them and use new ones.

3. After the glue is squeezed onto the surface of the object, apply rhinestones immediately. You can easily adjust rhinestones' positions before the glue hardens.

4. Be careful with how much glue you apply. Too much glue can easily spill out and get on the rhinestones taking the shine off. Too little glue doesn't provide needed amount for a strong hold later on.

5. Lightly put rhinestones down on the glue layer, gently tap or press them down if needed. There is no need to press down with force.

6. If the glue accidentally gets on the rhinestones (glass rhinestones only) or other objects, you can wipe off the glue with 95% rubbing alcohol. This method is not suitable for acrylic, resin rhinestones and ABS pearls.

7. In the process of using glue, the needle will have a little glue residue on, wipe it off to avoid the residual glue on the tip from dulling rhinestones when applying.


1. The tip of the glue tube is ultra fine for enhanced flow control. Please be patient and take your time with its flowing, do not squeeze glue out with great force.

2. The glue flow is specially designed so normally it will not ooz out. On rare occassions, if it does a little, just lean the tube to some object to make it upright, no need to recap for short-time breaks.

3. Once finished or you are leaving the glue unattended for 20 mins or more, please recap the tube. If not, the tip will get stuck.

4. In case the glue tip is stuck, please hold the tube upside down and try squeezing glue to the front tip part (the glue will soften and melt the hardened glue clog on the tip), then put the cap needle into the tip to pierce it through. Throw off the clog so the glue can flow out again.

5. If the glue accidentally gets on the skin, just rub it off. Skin-safe.


1. Do not wash clothes with warm or hot water if using this glue to put rhinestones on fabrics.

2. Do not use UV light to cure as this is not UV glue.


1. Store in a cool, dry environment, avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sun light, do not put it in microwave oven.

2. Do not put it in a squeezed environment to avoid the glue bursting out.


If anything unclear, please contact us at or send us a message by clicking here.


  • Rachel

    I bought these Ryan stones to put on fake nails. Did I buy the wrong ones? Because this seems to take an awful long time for the glue to dry.

  • Sam

    Hi, if the stones are affixed with the hotfix applicator, you can try removing them by reheating the stones to loosen the hold. If they are affixed with our rhinestone glue, it will be very hard to remove them. Better leave them as they are.


    i am bedazzling leather New Balance leather shoes. im pleased with my results except I would like to remove 9 stones in one area. Is it possible? Will I ruin the shoes?

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