Types of rhinestones made in China

Following are common types of rhinestones made in China.

1. Hotfix rhinestones

Hotfix rhinestones originate from the south bank of the Rhine river in Austria, they are also called Austrian diamonds / crystals / strasses. Swarovski has the best quality with the highest price. Preciosa, known as Czech diamonds also producing hotfix rhinestones on the north bank of the Rhine in the Czech republic is the second in quality only to the Austrian diamonds.

China now has 2 major types of hotfix rhinestones:

  1. DMC hotfix rhinestones
  2. MC hotfix rhinestones

Through year of development and large application in garment accessory industry, both products have been widely accepted and used for their decent quality and very affordable prices compared with other world famous brands, allowing more common people like you and me to have the access to the world of hotfixing rhinestones.

2. Flatback rhinestones

As name suggests, the flatback rhinestones don't have glue layer as hotfix rhinestones. They are mostly used for nail art and mobile phone decoration.

3. Sew-on rhinestones

This type of rhinestones usually come in flat bottom with one or more holes for sewing onto the fabric.

4. Sew-on rhinestones with claw

These rhinestones are fixed on a metal base which can be further placed onto various surfaces. Thank to that base used, this type of rhinestones come in various irregular shapes, such as: teardrop, marquise, rombus and so on.

5. Rhinestone chain and trim

Rhinestone chain is generally divided into coarse drill chain and fine drill chain according to the thickness, and is divided into dense claw chain and thin claw chain according to the degree of density.

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