What is hotfix rhinestone applicator?

The hotfix rhinestone applicator is the easiest tool to apply hotfix rhinestones to most fabrics, wood, leather and cardstock.
This standard kit comes with various tips so it can work with hotfix rhinestones of different sizes.
The idea of this tool is very similar to iron.
  1. Arrange the gems in your desired pattern one by one with some space using wax gem picker and tweezers.
  2. Choose the right size tip and screw it onto the front end of the applicator.
  3. Turn on the applicator to preheat for 3 mins.
  4. Melt the glue on the bottom side of the hotfix rhinestones by using the tip to vertically cover the rhinestones from top in full for 15 to 20 seconds each.
  5. Release the tips from the gems so the melted glue will start hardening to bond the gems to the surface.
  6. let gems naturally cool off to further stick up.
This product is perfect for art and craft purposes, ideally use at home. When working, only the tips will be hot while the applicator itself is only warm, so very safe and fun to use as the imagination is the only limit.
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Economical
  • Fun
  • Clean, no glue
  • Great pastime
  • Parental supervision needed for young children
  • Hot tips while working, handle with care
  • Doesn't work with any heat sensitive surface
  • Needs a bit of practice before getting used to it
  • A bit time-consuming as you need to set gems in place then hotfix them one by one
  • Not for anyone younder than 12

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