Accessories introduction

Note: Different kit comes with different accessories. The following introduction is a general guidance on the usage of each item. 

Tweezers - pick up and position large rhinestones.

Wax Gem picker - pick up and position small rhinestones.

Plastic trays - rhinestone containers.

Wire brush - clean the glue off the tips after use. Best to use when the tip is hot so the glue is easily cleaned off.

Metal stand - rest the hotfix applicator when temporarily not in use.

Flat tips - "iron" a cluster of tiny and irregular hotfix rhinestones for fast application. Can also "iron" rhinestones placed very closely to each other. Also works for hotfix pearls, studs, etc.

Cotton glove - provide limited protection (2 - 3 secs) against heat. Do not attempt to change the hot tips while wearing it.

Heat mat - Place it between the top and bottom layers of clothes to avoid them sticking together and leave a permanent mark.

Templates - 10x7cm, for users to quickly get started with some simply patterns.

Magic pencil - professional tailoring tool. The marking will disappear when heated. Cut free. Please be sure to test on a scrap as this pencil does not work on all types of fabrics.

Ruler - draw lines.

Zipper bag - keep everything organized and for short trips.

Craft cutting pad - This item combines the functionality of both a solid table top and heat mat. It can be placed between the clothes' top and bottom layers to keep them separate while providing enough support for hotfixing on top of it.


  • Sam

    Hi Aida, Regarding the heat mat, you can use a piece of thick cardboard, a Teflon sheet, or a craft cutting board. Any of these would do, no difference with the results. We do sell heat mat and craft cutting board separately, but if you can easily get cardboard, that would be the easiest and cheapest solution.

  • Aida Arao

    Do you have a heat mat? To place under the fabric? I’ll be using an illusion tulle fabric, what do you advice? Let me know please.

  • Aida Arao

    Where can I get the material that we put under the cloth while doing the bedazzled? Is it rubberized or hard board? Please advice me. Thank you.

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